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Whatever the area of your company´s activity, we have a solution and service management that exactly fits your needs, optimizing processes, reducing costs and leveraging best results for your business.

Whether for INDUSTRY, EDUCATION, FINANCIAL, MEDICINE, GOVERNMENT or general CORPORATE markets, we are always vigilant to develop strategies that add greater value to Technology assets existing in your company, as well as new investments for Collaboration area, Cloud technology, Virtual Reality or Service Management. Member of the GPA alliance, absolut technologies operates in various markets in different countries, with global standard and proven experience.




In an increasingly complex and demanding market, connected teams collaborate contents, increasing productivity and reducing costs, wherever, from any device, with full support, through technologies in the cloud or on-site.




One of the biggest challenges for the industry is to maintain technological competitiveness combined with good cost-benefit. Collaboration technologies and Cloud Services, contracting the "resident technician" keeps the industry focused on their business, increases technical knowledge, decreases the response time to problems and reduces operating costs through the rapid delivery of results.




R & D centers and educational institutions break the distance barrier aided by the Unified Communications technology to classrooms / virtual training 2D or 3D-VR, which expand and facilitate the absorption of knowledge, reducing learning time and stimulating research and development of various areas of science.



In this market, information fluidity and total data security are essential requirements, where absolut multiple solutions in Collaboration, Cloud, Managed Services or VR, are strong levers that ensure greater competitiveness with agility in decision-making.




Telemedicine, complex exams and professional distant teams are some distinct challenges facing medical area institutions. Collaboration technologies integrate teams in different parts of the globe, lower investment costs with cloud systems, remote support or resident technician; and Virtual Reality high-tech tools - are some of the solutions that absolut brings to this market.





Efficiency, transparency, process control and data security are essential for any government. The implementation of new technologies is a major challenge for this sector where cost reduction is a crucial point.

Collaborative Rooms 2D or 3D, Virtual Reality tools and full remote or on-site Support are some of the absolut solutions for this market.


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