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Management of services and virtual videoconference rooms hosted in the cloud, where users connect from any device, fixed or mobile, at any time or place, providing also connectivity to physical systems of different standards. Appropriate for the type and size of your needs, without high investments in hardware, Cloudsolut delivers to every workstation installed in your company, a system of managed services, complete with easy and intuitive interface.

Lower costs with greater results.





cloud_interna2.jpgA complete portfolio of solutions in the cloud.


With Cloudsolut, in addition to receiving each workstation ready and installed, you receive remote support with specialized professionals, dedicated to solving any kind of technical problem, updates or collaboration guidance.

Without moving, your team connect in seconds to any part of the globe, participating in meetings with one or dozens of people in different locations. Your team is always ready to connect with customers, partners or suppliers for training or team collaboration optimizing the company's performance and results. Joomla 3.3 Templates