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Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality promotes interaction between man-machine, creating virtual experiences of immersion, with the sensation of reality. VR technology enables the simulation of what is real through tools - hardware and software - which goes way beyond entertainment, contributing to advancement, and discoveries in various areas of science.

  • Immersive VR systems - CAVE, L-Shape and Corner Cave.
  • 3D Auditoriums.
  • Motion Capture Laboratories-MOCAP.
  • 3D Rooms.
  • VR Equipment - Tracking Systems, Tactile Feedback, Eye-Tracking, HMD - Head Mounted Displays, 3D Scanners.
  • Software for virtual navigation




imagems_vr_internas2.jpgTechnology at the service of research and development


In partnership with the largest research and development centers in Brazil and the world, absolut is the reference for Virtual Reality technology in Latin America. Virtual Reality can be applied in various sectors of Industry, Science, Research and Development.

  • Virtualizes productive processes, improving quality standards and technical validation.
  • Reduces investments with physical prototypes and manual processes, ensuring return on investment in record time.
  • Enables studies and complex scientific researches, supporting the constant evolution in education as a whole and in specific disciplines such as medicine, engineering, among others.
  • Provides large scale training, reducing investment in professionals, time, space and displacements.
  • Improves performance of behavioral, physical, and neurological analysis, etc. Joomla 3.3 Templates